Wednesday’s headlines

• Study lacks power: Critic [ Toronto Sun ]
• All-electric GO train system studied [ Toronto Star ]
• GO trains to get clean diesel engines by 2017 [ Globe & Mail ]

• Two marathons is too many: City [ Toronto Sun ]
• Marathons cause runaround [ Toronto Star ]
• City demands marathons change dates [ Globe & Mail ]

Stintz cites uphill battle in bowing out [ National Post ]
• Karen Stintz drops mayoral plans as big names wait offstage
Vanessa Lu
[ Toronto Star ]
Karen Stintz drops plan to seek Toronto mayoralty [ Globe & Mail ]
The city’s worst kept secret [ National Post ]
Outspoken councillors curiously silent [ Toronto Star ]

Ladybugs invade Toronto – but don’t squish ’em! [ National Post ]
Light shed on station plans [ Toronto Sun ]
Lake Shore drivers will see the light [ Toronto Sun ]
Jazz pursues Toronto island airport case in federal court [ CBC News ]
New homeless shelters needed to fight flu: coalition [ CBC News ]
Between old and new, an artful transition [ Toronto Star ]
Fiorito: How to fix crack-house conundrum [ Toronto Star ]
Sony Centre’s facelift on track [ Toronto Star ]
The beauty of the autumn garden [ Toronto Star ]

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  1. 680 “News” [sic] was really pushing the marathon issue on Friday, standing up for the people etc., and was gloating about it yesterday morning… it was their top story all morning (why not, it’s not like there’s anything else happening to report on).

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