Events Guide: Bar Philanthropy

Bar Philanthropy Invite Photo by: Dream

WHAT: BAR Philanthropy

WHEN: Thursday, November 19 @ 6:30-9:30pm

WHERE: Czehoski – Upstairs Lounge, 678 Queen Street West

COST: $30 ($25 Token + $5 Suggested Donation)

Do you have ideas about improving the community around you, a new product, or a much needed service? Here’s your chance to turn those great ideas into reality!

Bar Philanthropy, produced by Dream Now, in partnership with Millennium Network, is an event where you can share ideas and get instant funding and volunteers to carry them out!

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Register at the door, pay $30 ($25 event token + $5 donation to the Millennium Network), and receive a $25 token and a token worth 3 hours of your time.

Step Two: Have a drink and talk to people while you find, create or pitch an idea.

Step Three: Give tokens to ideas you like and collect tokens from people who like your idea.

Step Four: At the end of the night, cash out and leave with money and a list of volunteers to support your idea.

Step Five: Do it.