1. I hope you guys run a similar story for every candidate. I’m sure there have been other violations during this campaign. I’d hate for Spacing to start playing favourites so early on

  2. The BTV photo makes me think, “The Texans are coming, the texans are coming…!”

  3. Well, these have been the most blatant oddities thus far, at least among the notable candidates running for mayor. Except for Sarah Thomson appearing on the cover of her own magazine, I guess, but a Star intern already did a pretty thorough investigation into that.

  4. Wow, that’s just an awful website. No way to sugar coat this, Thirdeye needs to quit for the good of the internets.

  5. I don’t know about municipal rules, but at other levels of government it is usually a no-no to promote yourself as “Mayor Rob Ford” (see the banner at the top of his website) as opposed to “Rob Ford For Mayor” unless you’re the incumbent.

    Anyway, for a guy who’s made it his bread and butter to lampoon others for doing things that are questionable but actually allowed, that seems like a lot of pretty clear rule-breaking in a short period of time.

  6. quijibo and Andrae: We’ll run similar articles on other candidates when or if we find problems with their campaigns. To date we’ve found very few if any. But this is a long campaign and many months to go. Don’t forget Pitfiled’s campaign web site plagarized Spacing in the 2006 election. So we’re acutely aware of these issues.

    Though, TO Life has found a doozy in Thomson’s web site misleading voters about her past election results in Hamilton.


    Matt Blackett, Spacing publisher.

  7. I am assuming City Tv has given you permission to use a still from their show. Maybe breaking copyright rules are ok

  8. A TV still is fair use in a news story. No copyright laws broken. But distracting from the topic at hand — misuse of public funds — is what Ford and his peeps are after. He’ll be so much fun to watch this election because I don’t think he has enough feet to put in his mouth.

  9. Rob: I hope Spacing is biased at times. I don’t want partisan politics, but I want opinion and for Spacing to provide a perspective. Spacing is not the Star or Post or Sun which is meant to be unbiased. I don’t think Spacing has never not be open about being in favour of sustainable issues, like walk/bikes/transit. Mags present certain POVs. If Spacing wants to be an attack dog solely on Ford I’m happy for them to do it since publications that claim no bias, like the Sun, are in attack-mode constantly against anything that veers into centre or left of the political spectrum.I don’t want Spacing to be NOW, but I’m happy for them to hold naysayers like Ford to the fire if only to highlight his utter hypocrisy.

  10. Frankly, I’d be surprised if Spacing didn’t speak out against Rob Ford. At a time when we need transit, improvements, cleaner and expanded public spaces, and better infrastructure for cyclists, he seems to be either hostile or indifferent.

    But maybe we should give him a fair chance. That way, he can split the reactionaries.

  11. Please keep updating this. I’m sure Rob Ford will continue to break the rules.

  12. Picard102: What are you on? I think the website is clean and attractive. If you have issues with Rob Ford that’s one thing, but to slander a company for producing something their client asks for is just wrong.

  13. Giambrone may have broke the same MEA rule if he paid something for his youtube “I’m ready” dance video.”. It came out before he declared his candidacy. It certainly had comedic value.

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