Pinko buttons/magnets now in our e-store!


Our much talked-about Left Wing Pinko buttons are now available on our online store. They are available in 1.5″ buttons and magnets and sell for $3/$5 respectively (which includes shipping).


Already featured in Toronto Life, the Toronto Star and on, the buttons are also going to be featured on The National tonight. Our “I Survived the Quake!” buttons from earlier this year sold like crazy, and by the attention and feedback we have been getting already (plus all those stockings out there that need stuffing soon) these are going to be a hot item.

We will have them available at our new office at 720 Bathurst St (just south of Bloor) Friday afternoon as part of the last day of our back issue sale.

And they will also be available at some of our retailers by Thursday afternoon:

Swipe Books (401 Richmond St. W., 1st floor)
Outer Layer (577 Queen St W.)
Outer Layer (430 Bloor St W.)
Wise Daughters (3079B Dundas St W.)

BULK ORDERS: If you wish to place a bulk order (10 or more of an item) please contact our merchandise rep Mike Bulko through email (our new phone is not working at our new office just yet!).


  1. SOLD.  I will make *the great leap forward* towards Queen St. tomorrow night to go pick one up using my welfare money to pay for it; all the while sipping a truly elitist latte.

  2. Follow up: make sure Outer Layer @ Queen is well stocked; it looks like I’m coming in with an order list. 

  3. Simon:

    I can’t say exactly when they will have them (have to pick them up from the printers then brought over to the store). So I would say either call them ahead, or swing by in the evening. They’re great there so I’m sure they won’t mind having the phone constantly ringing.

  4. Toronto stretches way east of Spadina, past the Don Valley, even.

    I would like to buy a button too.

  5. Thanks Mike, I’ll call first, but I’ll probably make the trek up regardless (Xmas y’know!)

  6. Thanks so much for whipping these up so quickly.  Any love for us east-enders?  All these stores are west of Spadina.

  7. We’re happy to sell our products in the east end — the only problem is there are very few stores who have contacted us to sell our merchandise. Any suggestions are welcome. The wider we are across the city, the better!

    Matthew Blackett
    Spacing publisher

  8. We have been trying to get into east end stores for the past at least the past two years, but for various reasons nothing has ever worked out.

    If any Eastenders know of a store that would be a great fit (or own/work in one!) email

  9. Hey Spacing. You guys consider making a ‘I’m for Transit City’ buttons? Or just ‘Transit City’. I’d buy one of those too. Way to go you guys! RMJ

  10. How much for shipping to Alberta? I feel brave.

  11. East end store idea – what about Dark Horse just west of Broadview or Red Rocket just east of Greenwood. I think either would be a good fit.

  12. I love the buttons, but t-shirts would be even better.

  13. Matthew, I would suggest Book City at 348 Danforth or Book City at 1950 Queen E.

  14. try Nathalie Roz on Queen st. East as well as the Mercury coffee on Queen East

  15. Yes, thanks for all of this.
    For the next round, please consider not round buttons, but a square with a pink triangle for the text(s) images, since I don’t think triangular buttons exist.
    The reason – Nazis made queers etc. wear pink triangles, and who’s next eh? And sure, that’s mixing up issues maybe, but we’ve got a LOT of chemistry in our waters/ products that might still be having latent effects

  16. Nathalie-Roze might be a good fit (1015 Queen St E)
    And Dark Horse was a good suggestion

  17. Anyone else feel like sending Don (@ CBC) a pink Christmas card?

  18. I know it’s the thing to do but I am going to have a hard time appropriating “pinko” to describe us downtown Toronto dwellers. The term is as painfully archaic and ridiculous as the ideology of the new mayor and his buddy Don Cherry.

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