Friday’s Headlines

• Hume: Decision to eliminate citizen input at City Hall makes sense — if you’re Rob Ford [The Star]
• Volunteers decry proposed advisory council cuts [National Post]
• Podcast: On the waterfront, City Hall (the politics) and Queen’s Park (the building) [National Post]
• Council foes give Ford even more power [The Sun]
• Loafing city workers send wrong message [The Sun]
• Graffiti wall Ford tackled to get facelift [The Sun]

• Building permits halted due to confusion [The Star]
• What your home is really worth [The Star]
• View of Queen’s Park endangered by condos: activists [National Post]

• The facts: G20 kettling in Toronto and London [The Star]
• London G20 ‘kettling’ was illegal, British court rules [The Star]
• British ‘kettling’ case bears G20 similarities [National Post]
• Toronto police chief’s plea for cash shot down [National Post]
• Jays seek compensation after G20 steals home [National Post]
• TPSB vice-chair complains about “goons” comment [The Sun]

• Will Bob Barker’s plea sway Toronto Zoo to move elephants? [The Star]
• Bob Barker says he will spend his own money to move Toronto Zoo elephants [National Post]
• ‘Controlled’ burn planned for High Park today [The Star]
• Controlled burn creates apocalyptic scene in High Park [BlogTO]
• Toronto Roller Derby cries foul on Lingerie Football League [OpenFile]