Make Spacing a mixed CD for cross-Canada road trip

As some of you may already know, Spacing is taking the magazine across the country on a road trip. Starting on June 16th, the western swing of the Spacing Road Show will host events in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver (the cities are linked to each Facebook event listing).

Spacing’s publisher Matthew Blackett is hitting the road in a car donated by AutoShare. He’s doing this by himself until Edmonton when senior editor Shawn Micallef joins the Road Show. There will be over 10,000km in driving which leaves a lot of time to listen to music and the radio.

Spacing is asking our readers to help entertain us: please make us a mix CD. Good music is vital to any road trip. And to our sanity. To add a bit of incentive to this challenge, Spacing will give a free 1-year subscription to anyone who makes us a CD.

Either bring it to our launch party on Tuesday at the Design Exchange (you’ll get in free if you bring the CD) or drop it off at our office at 720 Bathurst Street, suite 309 by end of day Friday, June 10th (Blackett leaves Toronto on Sunday, June 12th).

photo by Trey Ratcliff


  1. Did you run this idea by your finance staff?  A free issue or some buttons may have been a wiser move!

  2. What type of music are you looking for? I DJ regularly, and I would be glad to make a mixtape for you!

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