MY CITY LIVES: David Miller, Transit Mayor part II

“David Miller Transit Mayor” is an unprecedented web series that explores the life and leadership of Toronto’s 63rd mayor as explained by Miller himself. Each chapter, launched on the Spacing Toronto blog every Wednesday, explores the issues that defined Miller’s time in office including the economy, creativity, accessibility and of course, transit.

In Chapter 2, filmed while headed westbound on the Bloor line, Miller explains why taking Transit City from concept to creation was so vital for the city and for him and his leadership to see through.

You can view Chapter 2 on the My City Lives website here. Chapter 1 can be viewed here.

“David Miller Transit Mayor” is a joint initiative by My City Lives and Biz Media.


  1. I miss Transit City. 3 years of work and vision gone.

  2. Miller, Giambrone, and TTC did a poor job selling the product. I live in Scarborough and neither one of them sold Transit City in such a way that got residents pumped up. 

  3. Transit City was good but should have included 1-2 small enhancements to the subway system 

  4. Transit City, IMO, seems to designed to leave David Miller a legacy more than serve as an instrument to address social justice. It is preposterous to care more about having ‘rapid transit’ to serve low income neighbourhoods while standing idly by while these areas have their jobs flee outside the city.

    For example, between 1989 and 2004 Ward 7 lost 11.3% of its jobs. While Between 1991 and 2001 the number of residents in the Ward whom work outside of the city increased by 34%. Most of these areas need more employment opportunities before enhanced transit.
    But that would leave nothing ‘concrete’ to point to.

  5. If job creation is so easy, Glen, how come you aren’t advising governments around the world in how to accomplish it?

  6. @Paul

    Perhaps I should Paul, because whomever has been advising them sucks! Here is some free advice for them, read Dean Baker’s books then hire Ralph Gomory as as an advisor.

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