MY CITY LIVES: David Miller, Transit Mayor part v

“David Miller Transit Mayor” is an unprecedented web series that explores the life and leadership of Toronto’s 63rd mayor, as explained by Miller himself. Each chapter in this seven-part series, launched on Spacing Toronto every Wednesday, explores the issues that defined Miller’s time in office including the economy, creativity, accessibility and of course, transit.

In Chapter 5, filmed at the Communist’s Daughter, Miller provides reasons for the importance of the creative economy and uses a TFC analogy to implore the difference between the consumer and citizen and why more Torontonians must assume the role and responsibilities of the latter.

Click here to watch Chapter 5. You can also watch Chapter 1 here, Chapter 2 here, Chapter 3 here and Chapter 4 here.

“David Miller Transit Mayor” was a joint initiative by My City Lives and Biz Media.


  1. With the buffoon we have as mayor now, these videos are very hard to watch. You can be sure that history will look very favourably on Miller.

  2. A beautiful, poetic article that ends climactically with the misspelling “city scrape”?  Seriously?

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