Tuesday’s headlines

• Hume: Ford’s great ad idea, but why stop at gyms? [The Star]
• Posted Toronto Political Panel: Solving Toronto’s money problems, one swear jar at a time [National Post]
• Toronto’s chief labour negotiator Jim Vair quits as major contract talks loom [Globe & Mail]
• City hiring new negotiator as contract talks loom [The Star]
• Audit committee to probe inappropriate purchases [The Star]

• Ajax families fear for lives in golf war [The Star]
• Scorn in Toronto, acclaim in Hamilton [The Star]
• Oakville refuses to cave to emerald menace [The Star]
• Brampton youths stoop and scoop to clean up their park [The Star]

• Finally light at the end of the bridge project [The Star]
• Peter Kuitenbrouwer: New ‘railway lands’ bridge 25 long years in the making [National Post]
• Long wait for path above culvert to re-open [The Star]
• Police on lookout for streetcar-door passers in transit safety blitz [The Star]
• Cops target panhandlers [The Sun]
• Tickets no way to deal with beggars: Holyday [The Sun]

One comment

  1. Hamilton has gotten a bad rap, but it really doesn’t deserve it. It has some gorgeous parks, beaches, and green space; a very attractive downtown; and as that article points out, is not afraid to invest in public services like libraries and light rail. If Rob Ford gets a second term (God forbid), it would make a great retreat for us pinkos.

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