1. It’s not just the design that’s the problem — it’s the language.

    While sophisticated readers — like those that read Spacing — may understand what “below grade”, “common driveway” — and many other planning terms that appear in similar signs for other projects across the city — most people do not.

    And, while the city may have a legal requirement to refer to “Zoning by-law 438-86″… does anyone really care about the specific bylaw?

    The sign should keep the legalese in small print, if it’s required, while the members of the public should only read something like this:

    “XYZ Company plans to 45 three-story townhouses on this site.

    “You can find out more about their plans by attending a meeting on…

    “or by calling 416-XXX-XXXX etc.

    or by e-mailing XXX@toronto.ca

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