Wednesday’s headlines

• Port Lands councillor Paula Fletcher slams ‘backroom’ packing [Globe & Mail]
• Doug Ford’s waterfront vision [The Star]
• There’s fog in Doug Ford’s waterfront vision [The Star]
• Don’t kill waterfront neighbourhood, urban designer says [The Star]
• Political Panel: Exploring the port lands through the power of imagination [National Post]
• Flooding needs to be dealt with before any Ferris wheels appear in port lands [National Post]
• Monorail and mega-mall plan will only take five or six years: Doug Ford [National Post]
• Doug Ford wants quick turnaround on port lands revitalization [National Post]
• Levy: Ford plans to make waterfront dazzle [The Sun]
• Doug Ford outlines waterfront vision [The Sun]

• Modern citizens know a library’s worth [Globe & Mail]
• There are plenty of reasons Vancouver no longer the world’s most livable city [National Post]
• The play’s the thing, but it needs the right setting [Globe & Mail]
• What do kids think of Sherbourne Common [The Grid]

• Judge allows one G20 class action lawsuit to seek certification, while staying a second one [The Star]
• Strike deadline looms for GO Transit workers [The Star]
• Opponents target lake wind station [The Sun]
• Study suggests traditional playgrounds contribute to childhood obesity [Globe & Mail]

One comment

  1. Papers! quit giving Ford the headlines…this guys needs to be muzzled and stick to what he knows best stickers and billboards. Him and brother have no other interest then undoing what Miller and this city did before them. A monorail? for real….this man is unfit to making decisions.

    If there are any Councillors out there reading this..Please support Waterfront Toronto. the results speak for themselves, there hasn’t been this much progress in the port lands since they were build.

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