NEW PRODUCT! The Rob F#*king Ford buttons & magnets!

Spacing is happy to launch our new line of products: just in time for the holiday season: the Rob F#*king Ford buttons & magnets!

In his first year as mayor, Ford (and his sidekick brother) has put his foot in his mouth too many times to remember. To both mourn and memorialize this chaotic time at Toronto’s city hall, we’ve produced five buttons/magnets that poke fun at this city’s mayor.

You can buy a pack of buttons for $10 and a pack of magnets for $15. You can also buy individual buttons and magnets from the set.


The following is a list of stores in Toronto selling the buttons and magnets:

• Wise Daughters, 3079B Dundas St. W. (Junction), 416-761-1555
She Said Boom ( 393 Roncesvalles Ave. )
Outer Layer ( 577 Queen St W. )
Outer Layer ( 430 Bloor St W. )
• at the Wychwood Arts Barn Holiday Sale on Dec. 11th

Ford and The Ferris Wheel
A stunning rejection of Ford’s leadership on waterfront development took place in the summer. The Brothers Ford’s ferris wheel/mega shopping mall idea was soundly defeated thanks to the work of hundreds of engaged waterfront citizens.

Where’s the Gravy Train?
Ford coasted into office on a message of bringing an end to the so-called “gravy train.” But within only six months at city hall, an audit report (commissioned by the mayor) showed that there was little gravy to cut. This revelation prompted a major dip in the mayor’s popularity.

Atwood for Mayor
When Doug Ford bragged about how he would close local libraries in a heartbeat, Margaret Atwood swung into action of Twitter. The public sided with the Canadian literary icon and no libraries are scheduled to close.

Downtown Elite
During the early stages of his election campaign — not to mention all his years at city hall and on talk radio — Ford railed against the “downtown elite” (aka engaged citizens) he claimed ruled city hall. Appropriately, Ford didn’t win a ward in the downtown during the 2010 election.

Left Wing Pinko
When Don Cherry came to city hall to celebrate Rob Ford’s first day in office, he proceeded to jeer anyone who doesn’t share this hockey commentator’s world view calling them “Left Wing Pinkos!” This button/magnet was released by Spacing within two hours of that famous quote; over 15,000 buttons and magnets have been sold since Dec. 2010.


  1. I’m not sure I understand.  Do any of the buttons actually say “Rob F#*king Ford”?  Because *that* I would definitely buy.

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