Monday’s headlines

• Integrity Commissioner clears Rob Ford in expense complaint [Globe & Mail]
• TCHC chair says sale of 675 homes inevitable [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto Community Housing Corporation working group faces harsh political reality [National Post]
• Rob Ford backs plan to sell 56 community housing homes; future of 619 more to be studied [National Post]
• No sale on hasty housing offload [NOW]

• TTC’s Gary Webster would be tough to replace: David Gunn [The Star]
• TTC transit chief Gary Webster may not be only one to lose job: Di Giorgio [The Star]
• James: knives are out, and not just for Gary Webster [The Star]
• Ford’s treatment of TTC chief sends a terrible message [Globe & Mail]
• Is TTC executive Gary Webster facing chopping block over opposition to Rob Ford? [National Post]
• Rob Ford’s crass coup [NOW]
• Ford allies move to fire TTC manager [NOW]
• In service to the Public Good, not mere power [Torontoist]
• Toronto vehicle collisions steady at 55,000 a year since 2005, despite rising traffic [The Star]
• The dreams and realities of public transit in the GTA [Globe & Mail]
• Planners struggle to fix Toronto’s ‘third-world’ bust station [National Post]
• Historicist: test drive a Metropass [Torontoist]

• Toronto’s Batman takes to the streets in video gone viral [The Star]
• Designing a new future for Ontario place [Globe & Mail]
• Cool beans: the city’s most intriguing cafés [Globe & Mail]