Wednesday’s headlines

• Toronto lost nearly $1M to fraud in 2011, auditor-general reveals [The Star]
• Employee misuse cost Toronto $939,000 last year [National Post]
• Giorgio Mammoliti appealing order to audit his election campaign finances [National Post]
• James: councillors plot new scenes in transit drama [The Star]
• Shameful firing of TTC manager widens gap between Ford and councillors [Globe & Mail]
• ‘Toadyism wins:’ councillors rage after TTC board sacks Toronto transit chief Gary Webster [National Post]
• Firing TTC’s Gary Webster could cost city half-a-million dollars, Karen Stintz warns [National Post]
• Stintz on firing Webster: it is just no way to run a railway [The Sun]
• City hall firings not invented by Ford [The Sun]
• Dalton McGuinty to city hall: get your act together on transit [The Star]
• McGuinty on Toronto transit woes: ‘we’re running out of patience’ [Globe & Mail]

• TTC: transit commission fires chief general manager [The Star]
• Transit planning gridlock as TTC general manager sacked [Globe & Mail]
• Gary Webster firing not the first case of political ‘interference’ with TTC [National Post]
• Gary Webster gets his walking papers [NOW]
• Gary Webster: evidence not wanted [The Grid]
• Team Ford axes Gary Webster [The Grid]
• While TTC fires its top guy, middle managers get the low-down from Toronto transit riders [The Star]
• Byford plans to focus on ‘business as usual’ for TTC [The Sun]
• Police lay nearly 10,000 charges during distracted driving campaign [The Star]
• Lampy versus Big Daddy [Torontoist]
• Liveblog: special TTC meeting [Torontoist]

One comment

  1. And if not for the decision to fire Gary Webster, the auditor’s report would be the big news item that everyone is talking about.

    If I was a Mayor trying to keep councillors on-side and win back public support, I know which one of those I’d prefer. Seriously, one plays right into Rob Ford’s campaign claims and is easy to spin as success in the fight against City Hall waste and unions, while the other is just mindbogglingly pointless.

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