My City Lives: Adam Vaughan

Adam Vaughan is serving his second term at Toronto City Hall where he is completing his mandate to bring change. In this video Vaughan discusses how to build a city and the changes that are currently happening in Toronto, including those in the entertainment district. Along with being one of his favourite places in the city, Vaughan acknowledges the changes occurring in the area and believes that the current construction should also include the needs of those living in the area in order sustain growth.


  1. Every city-building politician in the history of the planet was elected on a mandate of change, Corey. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

  2. the building community all over the City acknowledge Adam’s place at the foreFront of “how the ‘systems’ for change” can be streamlined, and improved. He is not specifically the agent of change, but rather his initiatives are controlling the way change takes place to the benefit of his Ward 20, and the rest of the City.
    I have often suggested he should give seminars (since like all councillors he has lots of ‘free time) on “good planning for desirable development within the City”. Maybe we at a4hTO should arrange that!

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