Sim City: City Amenities, Inconveniences, Opportunities

Among the many features in Spacington—A university, city hall, jail and courthouse, major league baseball station, golf course, harbour, boat docks and shops, a beach, medical research center, a municipal airport, a convention center, etc -there are some unique features readers may not be aware of. Some of these features are cherished amenities, a few of them are inconvenient eye sores, and some are simple opportunities for community rebirth, space for development or growth. Anyway, here are some things you maybe didn’t know were in Spacington:

Solar Power Plant: This plant offers the city a large amount of clean power, although wind-power is still used to provide full coverage. When it becomes more economical Spacington will likely adopt another plant for the remaining power.

University Physic Research Center: The center brings high demand for high tech industries. The neighborhood around the center is home to many high tech companies as well as higher end residential buildings. Interesting addition to a neighborhood.

Garbage Dumps: There are two of these. Garbage adds up, and there is no good environmental exit out. There is a waste-to-energy option in Sim City but it emits a large amount of pollution. Should we consider it?

Open Space: Here’s the good stuff, the open space. This space and the space shown below are the remaining green space for growth. There is some green space set aside, or used for parks, but other than that, this is it. So what should we do with it? Should we use the space for another solar power plant? Should we use it for continued growth? Or should we use this opportunity to convert these spaces to something else. Let us know what you think.

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  1. I haven’t played SC for a while but from what I remember a jail is a negative. Compare this to the coverage of the closure of Kingston Penitentiary which is being portrayed as a big blow to the city because of the job losses.

  2. Put in the waste-to-energy plant, then turn the funding all the way down to zero. It’ll take care of the garbage without emitting pollution (or, on the other hand, power).

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