Tuesday’s headlines

• ‘Tremendous’ budget savings can be found in middle management, says councillor Doug Ford [National Post]
• Mayor Ford invites the Mighty Middle for an office chat [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto’s centrist councillors meeting to brainstorm priorities [The Star]
• Public gets say on Toronto’s holiday shopping rules [The Sun]
• How Rob Ford’s Pride snub hurts the city of Toronto [The Star]
• Political Panel: Psychoanalyzing Rob Ford’s aversion to the Pride Parade [National Post]
• Mayor Rob Ford cancels weigh-in for third time in five weeks [The Star]
• Mammoliti squares off with union over environment day [The Sun]
• Cyclists steer through political minefield [The Star]
• TTC calls in employee after YouTube video surfaces [CBC]
• Residents concerned over condo redevelopment of Bloor Street United Church [The Star]
• Feeling at Home in the Heart of Toronto [NY Times]
• Lower Toronto speed limits by 10 to 20 km/h to protect pedestrians, chief medical officer says [The Star]
• U of T partners to launch new Brooklyn research institute [Globe & Mail]
• City sounds bed bug warning [The Sun]
• Bikes seized from Igor Kenk get fixed up at high school [CBC]