Sim City: The disasterous fate of Spacington

After weeks of loss communication and worry, we finally managed to connect with Spacington — the city struck with disaster after disaster, finally leading to lost communication and connection to the world. In the brief connection we shared with Spacington; we discovered some faint photos describing just what has happened over the past weeks. The photos describe where the “city” stands now: destroyed rails and roads; no easy connection to neighboring towns. The city has become a District 12 environment.

We are not sure if we will ever be able to connect with Spacington again, and we are unsure of Spacingtons future, but maybe one day the few remaining Spacingtons can achieve the cities inevitability of becoming a 21st century urban city.

Spacington now:

The city before the end.

To destroy.

Volcano’s erupt, Spaceships arrive.

The aftermath of the city.

The remaining Spacington. What we will happen next?


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  1. The ship was moving fast but I think I just barely made out the plate — *OB F**D — at least those are the letters I could make out.

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