Event: Inspiring Ideas for Trees in Public Spaces

Our friends at Park People are co-sponsoring a talk tomorrow evening to show how cities around the world have been using trees as unique design features in public spaces and parks. This hot dry summer and the upcoming devastation of losing all of our ash trees from emerald ash borer have galvanized interest in how we can better use trees in park design as well as the need to better maintain these trees. Wander by, it’s free.

WHEN: Thursday, August 16, 2012 – 7:00p.m. – 8:30p.m.
: Metro Hall, 55 John St, Rooms 308-309
: Brendan Stewart, Landscape Architect and Urban Designer, ERA Architects, Toronto

Planting trees to enhance and humanize our cities is a practice as old as human civilization.  Join us as we explore the rich aesthetic traditions and histories of planting trees in gardens, parks and urban open spaces from around the world, and how these practices shape our ideas about green space here in Toronto.  Through images of beautiful and inspirational designed landscapes we’ll learn how designing with trees can enhance our experience of place, and join in a discussion about the relevance of these traditions today. This event qualifies for ISA Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Accessible entrance  and accessible ramp 

Public transit: Subway to St. Andrew station

photo by Vasta


  1. No argument against trees, but how do we go about replacing those hideous blue park signs?

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