Phase three of Regent Park revitalization gets underway

The Toronto Community Housing Corporation and The Daniels Corporation unveiled Phase Three of the five-part Regent Park revitalization project last week, which features 2,550 new housing units and a state-of-the-art sports facility.

Phase Three, when combined with the initial two phases, will cover an impressive 46 acres. The latest announcement continues the process of replacing older social housing units while providing new market condominiums coupled with community development. Covering 15-acres, Phase Three replaces structures on the north and south side of Dundas Street East bordered by Sackville, River, Oak, and Shuter Streets.

At the centre of this announcement is the Regent Park Athletic Grounds that boasts a new soccer field (that converts into cricket pitch), a basketball court, and an improved ice rink. The athletic facility is primarily being paid for through fundraising and is supported through a partnership with the Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment Team Up Foundation, a program aimed at giving kids access to sports.

“The MLSE Team Up Foundation recognizes the tremendous impact that investments in athletic facilities have on local communities, both socially and economically,” said Michael Bartlett, the executive director of the MLSE Team Up Foundation, said in a press release.

The proposed phase will also include a mixed-income neighbourhood consisting of 550 replacement social housing units and 2,000 new market condominiums, in addition to three new city streets. TCHC says it’s working with developers and community partners to help transform Regent Park into a mixed-use community that hopes to serve more than 12,500 residents.

Two more openings are scheduled for this fall with the cultural centre and the aquatic centre set to launch. The entire revitalization project is expected to take 15 years to complete.

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  1. Wonder how many citizens realized that only the first phase went to tender… how nice for the Daniels Corporation…

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