Thursday’s headlines

TDSB head Chris Spence apologizes for plagiarizing [Toronto Sun]
Toronto school board director apologizes after admitting he plagiarized opinion piece [National Post]
TDSB director urged to step down over plagiarism [Globe & Mail]

Downtown councillors hijack casino counsultation [Toronto Sun]
‘No’ side hijacks first public consultation on Toronto casino plan [Toronto Star]
Toronto casino consultation gets strong turnout from No side [Globe & Mail]

Planned Ontario teacher walkout illegal: McGuinty [Toronto Sun]
Ontario teacher protests: High school and elementary teachers plan one day ‘illegal’ strikes [Toronto Star]
Ontario high school teachers to stage one-day walkout Jan. 16 [Toronto Star]
Ontario’s public elementary teachers plan one-day protest against Bill 115 [National Post]

Photo radar just a cash grab [Toronto Sun]
Photo radar: Mayor Rob Ford not on board [Toronto Sun]
Photo radar: Ontario vetoes Bill Blair’s plan to cut costs by catching speeders [Toronto Star]

• If Rob Ford goes — don’t replace him [Toronto Sun]
• Metrolinx asks public how to pay for better transit: Tax? Toll? Fares? [Toronto Star]
• Speeding traffic tops Mississauga’s worry list [Toronto Star]
• Toronto Fire Fighters Association president isn’t saying budget cuts caused deaths. But he isn’t not saying it either [National Post]
• Work may be first on west Gardiner [Globe & Mail]


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  1. Spacing…whats happening with the news feeds…Ive felt lost lately not being directed to all the column and stories that matter…I see the other regions are also missing.

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