Will you ride your bike on the coldest day of the year?

WHERE: Behind City Hall at Armoury St. and Chestnut St
WHEN: Wednesday, January 30, noon

I’m the type of cyclist who puts his bike away at the first sign of coldness or snow (which usually means sometime in November) and doesn’t bring it out until the mild days of March. But as we’ve seen throughout December and January, there are many days during the winter where a properly equipped cyclist can ride with ease and comfort.

If you’re one of the brave souls who hit the streets 12 months of the year, then Cycle Toronto‘s annual event — The Coldest Day of the Year Ride — is a perfect fit for you. January 30th is statistically the coldest day of the year and the bike advocacy group formerly known at the Toronto Cyclists Union is using the opportunity to promote the benefits of winter cycling. City councillors, BIXI reps, and the police will all be in attendance for the event.

photo by Marc Lostracco