Event & Exhibition: Open Eyes Toronto presents The Condo Show

WHAT: The Condo Show
  Thursday, November 21st, 7 – 12 pm
WHERE: Make Works @ 1139 College Street
WHY: There will be inspiring creative pieces, engaging interactive elements, music, cash bar and lots of interesting conversations!

Open Eyes Toronto cordially invites you to The Condo Show.

Open Eyes Toronto is a creative collective that generates dialogue, design and response to current issues and daily life in Toronto. Each year we host a show where interesting work and display serve as the backdrop for conversation and community.

This year the focus is on Condos in Toronto.  What is your condo life? What will the skyline look like in 20 years? Are we happy adapting to smaller spaces in the sky? How does living in a vertical city, surrounded by a sea of urbanity, change our relationship to our physical and cultural landscape?

Submissions will be as literal, abstract, specific or open ended as each individual likes; the work process may be conceptual, experiential or critical. Media and scale will range…photography, sculpture, video, interpretive dance, etc.

Featured photo by: Emad Ghattas, Video by: Postscripted