EVENT — free screening Saturday of new doc “A Shift in the Landscape” exploring Richard Serra’s King City sculpture

WHAT: Screening of A Shift in the Landscape
WHEN: Saturday June 28 at 6PM
WHERE: Camera Bar, 1028 Queen St West
COST: Free

Shift, the “secret” sculpture by Richard Serra found in a King City field has been getting a fair amount of attention of late. Last year I wrote about visiting the piece in The Star, and we posted some photos architect Sonia Ramundi took when she spent an entire day at the site. Threatened with development, Shift is safer now than it once was, but its ultimate fate is still unknown. At just the right time there’s a new documentary called A Shift in the Landscape that will be screening on Saturday, June 28th, at 6PM at the Camera Bar. Entrance is free. It’s filmmaker Simone Estrin‘s MFA thesis project, and she even got an interview with Serra himself. Check it out, then maybe go visit Shift itself. The more people who fall in love with this piece and place, the better chance it has at being protected.

Photos courtesy of Simone Estrin