Price Points: Emery Barnes

[Editor’s Note: We at Spacing Vancouver are delighted to announce our newest regular column – Price Points! Each week, SFU City Program Director, Gordon Price (Price Tags) will select an image from his massive archive of amazing photographs and explain the reason why. Simple, fun, and informative, we’re extremely excited to have Gordon share his insights through Price Points with our Spacing Vancouver readers.]


A scene in one of the City’s newest parks – Emery Barnes, in the heart of New Yaletown (map here) – and the closest Vancouver comes to a Manhattan-like skyline.

The final building on site has been demolished, the children’s play area constructed, the puppy park completed – and a social experiment in real diversity (economic as well as ethnic) is playing itself out.  So far, the doggies, the druggies and the daddies all seem to have found a place in the park, with a live-and-let-live ambience.