Robertson Returns with 7 Vision, 2 NPA, and a Green

Honestly I’m a little too wired to know what to say about these unofficial results – except that Vision are the clear winners – but I’ll try.

Adriane Carr, the lone Green candidate, bounced in and out of the tenth council spot for most of the last hour, with the last poll (in friendly West End territory) making all the difference. That last poll also pushed COPE’s Ellen Woodsworth over Bill Yuen of the NPA, but not by enough to catch Carr – COPE has been wiped off of council and parks completely, despite her strong 11th place showing. The NPA also took fewer seats than their mayoral share would suggest. In short, block voting has struck again.


Candidate Elector Organization——— Votes
ROBERTSON, Gregor—- Vision Vancouver 77005
ANTON, Suzanne NPA 58152
HELTEN, Randy NSV 4007


Candidate Elector Organization——— Votes
LOUIE, Raymond P Vision Vancouver 63273
JANG, Kerry Vision Vancouver 61931
DEAL, Heather Vision Vancouver 61386
REIMER, Andrea Vision Vancouver 60593
STEVENSON, Tim Vision Vancouver 56638
MEGGS, Geoff Vision Vancouver 56184
TANG, Tony Vision Vancouver 53873
BALL, Elizabeth NPA 51607
AFFLECK, George NPA 51145
CARR, Adriane Green Party of Vancouver 48648
WOODSWORTH, Ellen—– COPE 48557
YUEN, Bill NPA 48407
KLASSEN, Mike NPA 47868
CHARKO, Ken NPA 45373


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  1. From people I’ve spoken with who voted, they really didn’t know who the candidates were and just checked off those from the same party. I guess municipal party politics works. And people feel good for participating, partly because it gives them 3 more years of bitching rights. But it doesn’t make for strong democracy or good government, imho.

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