February 17, 2012 Headlines

• Modern city, modern partnerships [Globe and Mail]
• Cushman & Wakefield: Vancouver Office Rents Highest in Canada [MarketWatch]
• Vancouver mayor spent $85,934 on PR consultants in 2011 [Vancouver Courier]
• Jim Green is a dreamer and a doer [Globe and Mail]
• Unique condo tower proposed for Vancouver downtown [CBC News]
• Metro Vancouver communities vie for waste-to-energy incinerator [Vancouver Sun]
• Council greenlights SOLEfood land [Vancouver Courier]
• Plotting a road map for a low-carbon future [Globe and Mail]

• Reclaimed bus yard begins life as urban wetland [The Los Angeles Times]
• What do pop-up shops and homelessness have in common? [The Global Urbanist]
• China’s Population Challenge: Designing Sustainable Cities For The Future [Forbes]
• Forget The Suburbs: Living In Beautiful, Well-Designed Cities Makes People Happy [Fast CoExist]
• World’s worst elected official makes the case for sprawl [Grist]
• With gardens like these, who needs a SAD lamp? [Crosscut]