Sim City: City Slums

Like we mentioned a few weeks ago, Spacington has developed a bit of a slum. As displayed above, this once thriving neighborhood has become an area of little growth, dirty abandoned buildings, and a limited amount of available work. We get it, this slum isn’t nearly as “slummy” as it could be- there is still a strong mix of wealths, mixed use, and utilized transit- but the neighborhood has lost it’s drive.

Usually in the game, a no job logo hovering above a building represents the lack of jobs in a commutable distance. Basically, it takes too long for a Sim to get to work, or they can’t find work.

The neighborhood shown above is thriving. The area consistently reinventing itself, changing it’s buildings, and doubling it’s density. The neighborhood shares the same amount of transit and zoning (high density for the most part) as the previous neighborhood but has a healthy growth thriving workforce.

So give us your thoughts, taken from examples or not: How do we reinvent and begin growth in our semi-slum?

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  1. You need to turf the dirty industrial. The air pollution drives the desirability of the area down for more residents and businesses.  

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