May 22, 2012 Headlines

• Hastings Urban Farm offers food security and connection to land [Vancouver Observer]
• Cities deserve bigger share of tax dollars [Globe and Mail]
• Fate of Vancouver viaducts to be decided this summer  [CKNW]
• Looming CP Rail strike could leave West Coast Express commuters scrambling [Vancouver Sun]
• STIR program to continue with modifications to reduce the amount of public subsidy needed [State of Vancouver]

• Public transportation is habit-forming — and that’s a problem! [The Washington Post]
• Uninhabitable High-Rises [The Original Green Blog]
• Amanda Burden Wants to Remake New York. She Has 19 Months Left. [The New York Times]
• Pedaling to Prosperity: Biking Saves U.S. Riders Billions A Year [Forbes]
• Downtown L.A.’s many communities live, work, play side by side [The Los Angeles Times]
• Little Libraries and Tactical Urbanism [Places: Design Observer]