Winners of 100 Mile House Ideas Competition Announced

The Architecture Foundation of British Columbia (AFBC) in February launched an international design competition to design a house using materials and technology sourced within 100 miles of the city of Vancouver, Canada. The competition’s aim was to challenge
the way we think about our buildings and how we choose to live in them, asking:

Can we build our cities, our homes, with materials close at hand? Have we become so dependent on materials with high embodied energies and transportation costs that we cannot imagine a different way of sourcing and constructing the most fundamental building block of our cities – the single family home?

The Foundation, along with the organizers of the 100 Mile House Ideas Competition, would like to thank all the entrants from 17 countries for their submissions. The jury had a difficult time selecting the five winners, hailing from Canada, the US, the UK, and Spain. The
winners, in order, along with their cash prizes are:

1st Prize: Tony Osborn, Vancouver, Canada ($5000)
– for Myco House, which proposes new materials such as masonry block made from mushroom mycelium, lime-hemp plaster, lime-pozzolan concrete, and using pine beetle wood.

2nd Prize: Neil Burford, Alex Pearson, Joseph Thurrott Architects, Dundee, Scotland ($2500)
– for Zero E House, using passive design and environmental technology to create a net zero carbon and energy footprint.

3rd Prize: Won Jin Park from New York, NY ($1000)
– for New Model, using adaptability, urban agriculture and passive design to create an affordable home.

Innovation Prize: Renee Ferguson & Michelle Krochmal Oyster Bay, NY
– for Bee House ($1000)

Student Prize: Laura Diaz & Dario Adaíl Ferrer, Madrid, Spain ( $500)

All 57 entries will shortly be available for viewing on the competition website:

A selection of the submissions, including the five finalists, will also be on display at the upcoming IDSWest show at the Vancouver Convention Centre, as well as at a special event at a soon TBA location (to be announced on the website).