Neighbourhood Watch

A selected image from the Spacing Vancouver Flickr pool. Image courtesy of colink.

A weekly roundup of noteworthy news in municipalities across B.C.
Bad news for farmers, as it seems like they won’t be getting any break from Metro Vancouver on the cost of water to irrigate their crops.
I know it seems hard to believe with the weather we’ve been having, but – yes – spring is in full force. And, as seems to be the norm around this time of year, flooding has risen to the top of the concern list with warnings issued for the Fraser River from Quesnel to the Fraser Canyon. In fact, this past week, heavy rain brought water levels near a 50-year high. Luckily, flood protection projects in Chilliwack seem to be holding so far…..but much more water is on its way. Let’s cross out fingers.
Great news for Terrace as the Google Mobile -with a specialized roof-top camera Рhas finally made its way to there to  put their streets into Streets View.