July 6, 2012 Headlines

• Founders pull plug on well-known Vancouver political blog [Vancouver Courier]
• Hastings Park statue honours jockey [Vancouver Courier]
• NPA councillors want the city to fund cancelled summer streetcar [OpenFile]
• Vancouver’s urban orchard to expand in city parks [Vancouver Sun]
• The Most Sensible Tax of All [The New York Times]
• Vancouver’s condo towers cast a shadow on surrounding neighbourhoods [Vancouver Sun]
• Where are all the Surrey Urbanists? [Civic Surrey]
• Big goals, big challenges: what we think about when planning the transit network [The Buzzer Blog]

• INTERVIEW: Emily Talen and the Rules That Shape Cities [Next American City]
• Interview with James Howard Kunstler – Author and Urbanist Critic [Urban Times]
• The Shard, London’s Newest Outcast [The Atlantic Cities]
• World’s biggest hydroelectric plant fully operational [New Scientist]