July 16, 2012 Headlines

• Turning parks into housing bad urban policy: Planners Beasley & Toderian [VancouverSun]
• Big Steps for Big City Farming [TheTyee]
• Expert rips interim report of the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability [TheStraight]
• Stark Reality: It’s cheaper to buy in the Suburbs [Fraseropolis]
• Goodman Report reveals the rents, revenue, and profitability of one Vancouver apartment building [TheStraight]
• Rental units proposed for Rogers Arena [Globe&Mail]
• More Sports in MetroVan: NCAA approves SFU as first non-US school [VancouverSun]

• New advocacy council seeks to widen debate on transit in Hamilton and GTA [Globe&Mail]
• Walking with the team that will Beautify Toronto’s Waterfront [OpenFile]
• Calgary LRT estimates soar to $2.7 Billion and 27 years [CalgaryHerald]
• Placemaking on the Cheap in Halifax [OpenFile]

• The Newly Lush Life of New York living [NewYorkTimes]
• San Francisco’s park let program a growing success [SFGate]
• The hyper-connected Chicago under Rahm Emanuel’s grand Wi-Fi plan [TheGaurdian]
• Commuting to Disneyland: Stations to become the LA’s new places to be [Salon]
• Would eliminating Road Subsidies encourage transit use? [CityJournal]