Night for All Souls at Mountain View Cemetery Dates of Note

DATE: Saturday, October 27
TIME: 6pm to 10pm
LOCATION: Celebration Hall – 5445 Fraser St (entrance from 39th Ave)

Preparations have begun for the 8th annual All Souls At Mountain View Cemetery, October 27, 2012. from 6-10 pm. This unique cultural event offers the public an opportunity to remember their dead, whether interred at Mountain View Cemetery or not, in a gentle atmosphere of contemplative beauty.

The first fires are lit at sundown, and throughout the evening the cemetery comes alive with music, poetry, and flickering candles. Inside the celebration hall you will find tea to refresh you, and flowers, papers and candles for the creation of personal memorials to place on one of the artist made shrines or family graves.


The candles are kept lit throughout the memorial week and the Celebration Hall will be open 6-9pm for the creation of personal memorials. There is additional programming, including the popular Threshold Choir, October 28 at 7pm., culminating in a final procession on the evening of November 1st, the last night of All Souls at Mountain View Cemetery.

If you are interested in getting involved ~creating flower garlands on the morning of the event, or hosting and tea service throughout the event and the week of memorials ~ please join us at the Orientation and Walkabout, 7pm October 18, or contact us at the number below.

The orientation will be followed by a presentation by Marina Szijarto, art and technical director of the project, on the creation of personal shrines and memorials.

The popular Sugar Skulls Workshop returns Saturday October 20, 1-3pm. Please register for this one as it fills up quickly.

All Souls Dates of Note:

October 18
7pm – Orientation
8pm – The Creation of Personal Shrines ~ presentation by Marina Szijarto

October 20
1 – 3 pm – Sugar Skulls Workshop – Registration required
$5.00 per person

October 27
Night for All Souls begins at 6:00pm

October 28
7pm – Threshold Choir

October 30
7pm – Screening : “Forever” – film about Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris

November 1st
7pm – 9pm – Orkestar Slivovica Balkan Brass band performs at Vancouver Crematorium and Celebration Hall, with a procession through the shrines to honour the dead.