January 31, 2013 Headlines

• Community centres protest Vancouver park board plan [Vancouver Courier]
• Surrey’s Civic Hotel to open in 2015 [Vancouver Sun]
• Metro Vancouver cities want idle farmland replanted [Vancouver Sun]
• Council still tight despite casino divide: Watts, Rasode [The Now]

• Incoming premier Kathleen Wynne pledges to tackle GTA gridlock [The Star]

• San Francisco lays out $200 million in bike projects in next 5 years [The San Francisco Examiner]
• How Dallas is Throwing Away $4 Billion [D Magazine]
• Paris Lights to Be Dimmed to Save Energy [The New York Times]
• Hybrids and low emission cars to lose exemption from London congestion charge – because they are causing too much pollution [Daily Mail]
• The Case Against One-Way Streets [The Atlantic Cities]
• ‘Ramps to Nowhere’: Erasing Seattle’s pro-transit past [Crosscut]