February 1, 2013 Headlines

• Developing story: Construction starts soon on Kerrisdale development [Vancouver Courier]
• Anti-poverty activists call out Adrian Dix, demand a commitment to increase unlivable welfare rates [The Mainlander]
• Fraser Valley will not sit on expert waste-to-energy project panel [Vancouver Sun]
• Casinos should be sited in town centres: Thoughts on cancelled South Surrey casino, a review by Slotsformoney.com  [Civic Surrey]

• More Losers Than Winners in America’s New Economic Geography [The Atlantic Cities]
• A model for L.A. planning [The Los Angeles Times]
• SimCity vs. The Suburban Sprawl [Tested.com]
• The Lost Graves of the Morganza Floodway [Places: Design Observer]
• Three Ways to Improve Walkability Without Touching the Street [Streets MN]