Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Tuesday

• The problem with vacant homes amid Vancouver’s real estate boom [Globe and Mail]
• Judge’s open flame ban in Oppenheimer Park ignored by campers, court told [Vancouver Sun]
• Gregor Robertson unveils Vision’s ‘green’ platform, challenges Kirk LaPointe [Vancouver Sun]
• Video: Coffee cups littering Vancouver streets target of pop-up depot in Victory Square [Vancouver Sun]
• First Nations’ developments here, there and everywhere: What are the differences among them? [State of Vancouver]
• A Comparison of Property Tax Rates [Price Tags]
• Ohrn Words: CoV vs CPR [Price Tags]
• The Daily Scot: The best we can do? [Price Tags]
• Charlene Gunn: Vancouverites’ lost voices have been found [Georgia Straight]
• Two-tiered transportation in BC and the South Coast [South Fraser Blog]
• As election approaches, time to think about what Vancouver’s future will look like [Vancouver Observer]
• Main Street – 700 block [Changing Vancouver]

• Skyscraper Infographic Highlights Growth and Zoning [Seattle Transit Blog]
• Does Metro’s Climate Smart Communities Plan Do Enough for Active Transportation? [Portland Transport Blog]
• Keep it or tear it down? Portland officials defend studying demolition of Veterans Memorial Coliseum [The Oregonian]
• Old Town opens four car lanes to people for three days, and rave reviews roll in [Portland Bike Blog]

• Peak Sprawl? The Fringes of the New York Region Are Shrinking [Streets Blog]
• A Massive New Public Transit System For Car-Obsessed, Oil-Rich Qatar [Fast Co.Exist]
• What 50 Years of Bullet Trains Have Done for Japan [City Lab]
• Rents in Southern California will climb faster in next two years, study says [Los Angeles Times]
• City taps Calif. firm to help hone housing plan [Crains New York]