Vancouver’s Urbanism Headlines: Thursday

• Surrey First pledges to put more Mounties on the streets [Vancouver Sun]
• Gambling expansion an election non-issue in Metro Vancouver … because no politician is in favour [Vancouver Sun]
• NPA would embrace B.C.’s resource industry: mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe (updated with video) [Vancouver Sun]
• McCallum leads polls in Surrey mayor electoral race [Vancouver Sun]
• Court deadline passes but tents remain up at homeless camp in Vancouver park [Globe and Mail]
• Man found dead at protest camp in Vancouver park [Globe and Mail]
• TransLink ridership down in second quarter [South Fraser Blog]
• Why can’t Vancouver solve its homelessness problem? [State of Vancouver]
• Ray Spaxman: “The Telus Case” [Price Tags]
• Ohrn Words: Watching Pronto [Price Tags]
• Patrick Condon answers to “Some questions” [Price Tags]
• COPE proposes universal transit pass program [Georgia Straight]
• Downtown Eastside SRO convention aims to teach tenants’ rights [Georgia Straight]
• COPE candidate Diana Day wants aboriginal mini school [Georgia Straight]
• Campers prepare to leave Oppenheimer Park as eviction deadline arrives [Georgia Straight]
• Independent Vancouver mayoral hopeful Bob Kasting sets donation limit [Georgia Straight]
• Social Housing Alliance proposes municipalities seize vacant property [Georgia Straight]
• NPA’s Kirk LaPointe promises study of foreign investors’ impact on housing prices [Georgia Straight]
• Transit top of mind for Vancouver businesses as election approaches [Business in Vancouver]

• The village at Harrison Lake [Fraseropolis]
• Another View on the Mayor’s Housing Task Force: Major Employers Are Underrepresented [The Stranger]
• TriMet will test aesthetic ‘river mood lighting’ on Portland’s Tilikum Crossing this week [The Oregonian]
• Is there an end in sight to Portland’s apartment-building boom? [The Oregonian]
• Sharing Economy: Disruption at Sea-Tac [Price Tags]

• In A Fast-Growing City In Ghana, The Streets Finally Have Names [Fast Co.Exist]
• How Denver Is Becoming the Most Advanced Transit City in the West [City Lab]
• How Not To Measure Traffic Congestion—Hold the Hyperbole, Please! [Planetizen]