Vancouver Heritage Foundation is a registered charity that is dedicated to supporting the conservation of the city’s heritage buildings through education, public awareness and granting activities.

VHF activities are open to everyone with a special emphasis on members of the public with an interest in the city’s history, building owners, related professionals and related organizations. Activities include workshops, lectures, tours, publications, and granting programs to paint, restore and maintain designated heritage properties.

VHF actively fundraises through donations of cash, securities, property, and planned gifts to grow an endowment fund to protect heritage buildings in perpetuity.

First Growth Lumber: Vancouver’s Early Industry

The west coast once supported some of the largest trees in the world including Douglas fir, cedar, hemlock, pine, spruce, maple and... Read More

The Strathcona Story: A community that fought back, and the Architect that helped rebuild

In December of 1968, the residents of one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods, Strathcona, were faced with losing their... Read More

Hay, Horseshoes, and the Blues: The Story of the Yale Hotel

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Conserving Heritage through Re-imagining of Space

In the conservation tool kit, heritage enthusiasts have several methods to support the preservation of historic spaces. Preserving... Read More

Invitation to Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s Places That Matter: Canron Building

Jericho Beach: 1860’s onward

The Jericho Beach area has had a full history over the past century and a half, few traces of which remain today. Named for its lumber... Read More

A Place You Should Know: Sam Kee Building

Built in 1913, the Sam Kee Building at Pender and Carrall is celebrated for its architectural ingenuity, its cultural significance to... Read More

Invitation to Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s Places That Matter: Original Border

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A Name You Should Know: Charles Marega

You may not recognize the name, but his sculptures are all over Vancouver. Although he received many commissions throughout his career... Read More

The Hotels Vancouver: How One Name Graced Three Buildings

From right after the Great Fire in 1886 until present day, Vancouver has always had a structure titled “The Hotel Vancouver”. Always... Read More