Spacing Issue 4 (April 2005)
The Past + Future of Toronto's Public Spaces

Call for Submissions
DEADLINE: Monday January 24 2005

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Spacing's fourth issue will focus on the city Toronto could have been, and the city it could be. We want to take a look back and examine the life, ideas, events, and hair-brained schemes that shaped (or could have dramatically re-shaped) the city's public spaces. Some examples: the Spadina Expressway battle; Buckminster Fuller's idea to put a dome over downtown Toronto; the once thriving amusement parks along the waterfront.

We would also like to look to the future of Toronto's public spaces by exploring themes that will greatly influence the quality of city life in the years to come. Some examples: transit, waterfront development, environmental disasters/issues.

We would like to hear your ideas. Please send us a proposal of what you would like to write about by Monday January 24 2005. For writer guidelines and what we are looking for in a proposal, please click here. We will accept proposals after Jan. 24, but your chances become slimmer the further away we move from the deadline.

If you would like to write for us, but do not have a specific idea, we would like to hear from you. We have lots of ideas.

Lastly, if your article idea does not fit with the theme, it's possible it may be appropriate for one of the features in the front or back sections of the magazine. Please peruse Spacing and see what part of the magazine your article may fit best.

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