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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

  • Time for Montreal buses to get bent

    An articulated RTL bus passing beneath the Bonaventure highway Montreal needs articulated (also known as bendy or accordion) buses! Anyone who rides some...

  • MyBikeLane

    I found out about this wonderful website via the SpacingWire. It allows people to anonymously report and post pictures of vehicles parked in or blocking...

  • Work finally starting on de Maisonneuve bike lane

    Montreal cyclists have been waiting for it to happen for months so, being a cyclist, I was very happy to see that the city has finally started building...

  • Destination: boulevard Décarie

    When most people think of Décarie Boulevard, images of an incredibly wide, smelly, and loud street with a six lane wide trench running down the middle...

  • New bike stands spotted

    For those of us year-round bike riders, one of the things that makes me smile is, despite the traffic, I’ll never have to look for parking. Locking to a...