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Events Guide: Part II of the Toronto Trilogy — Architecture for Humanity lecture series

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What: Episode II: Toronto Transforming
When: May 19, 6:30 pm
Where: Trading Floor, Design Exchange, Toronto Dominion Centre (234 Bay Street)

Architecture for Humanity Toronto‘s lecture series continues this week with the second installment of the four-part (yep, that’s right) Toronto Trilogy, looking at the past, present, and future of the city’s built environment. Toronto Transforming will look at the current development going on in our city as well as the challenges and opportunities it now faces.

The discussion will be moderated by Toronto city councillor Joe Mihevc and feature; Chris Tindel, two-time former MP candidate for the Toronto centre riding; Joyce McClean, Director of Environmental Affairs for Toronto Hydro, and former Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray.

Topics are to revolve around Toronto’s development touch on subjects like:

·            What role does grassroots opinion have in Toronto’s urban development?
·            How are grassroots initiatives transforming?
·            How does public opinion affect larger planning decisions?
·            What is the role of public Design Review Panels as part of the public’s engagement in urban design/planning architecture in Toronto?
·            Is democracy important when it comes to determining what our public realm should look like, or is this something that is best left to the experts?
·            Do we hamper ‘creativity’ in an effort to democratize our planning/urban design process?
·            How democratic is Toronto in terms of the public’s (opportunity for) engagement in the planning/design process?

photo by torontodailyphoto