talk20 toronto call for participants

talk20 is not a lecture but a gathering, an open forum for the dissemination of ideas in art, architecture and design. It provides a... Read More

How to Upholster a Tree Stump

Madelon Galland reports on his Tree Stump project in SuperNaturale. I remember seeing one of the stumps last time I was in New York... Read More

* moonlight bike ride *

Who could resist a moonlight bike ride on a fine August night? Quiet, peaceful, and lit by streetlamps, the city takes on a new... Read More

Cool Mist in Qatar

As gas prices rise Toronto’s transit and cycling infrastructure is under attack. First it was the bike rings now it is the... Read More

Cambridge Pocket Park

In September 2004, the University of Waterloo School of Architecture relocated into an abandoned factory warehouse in the urban core... Read More

Weather Vanes

Here is some functional street furniture from the UK.  McChesney Architects designed a series of innovative swivelling wind shelters... Read More

Mobile Landscape Intervention Unit

The Mobile Landscape Intervention Unit is a recycled shipping container that has been transformed into a live-work space for a team of... Read More


Mis-Guide is a book and website created by Wrights & Sites, a group of four UK based artists. Mis-Guide is a guide book that can... Read More

A Walk in the Park

David Gallaugher, a student at the Dalhousie School of Architecture in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has created a grass-lined wheel to... Read More

Toronto, measured in feet

Nicholas Hune-Brown and J. Graham Lee write in the Toronto Star about measuring the space of the city and its sprawl by walking across... Read More