Building Community One Veggie at a Time

The first time she came by, on a chilly May morning, she gave me a decisive thumbs down and kept on walking.  The next week she came... Read More

Solar Energy in Toronto

If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted then it should be... Read More

Toronto’s Butterflies

–Clouded Sulpher The city’s built form does not easily lend itself to habitats suitable many insects and we go to great lengths... Read More

Appreciating Urban Trees

Could you imagine a city without trees? Denuded streets baking under the hot sun in the summer and bleak(er) during the long winter... Read More

Guerrilla Gardening

It’s the summer solstice and a group of 18 guerrilla gardeners descend on a neglected and garbage-filled lot on D’arcy Street, just... Read More

Paddling the Don

It is 8 am on a cloudy Sunday morning and at Seton Park a hundred or so canoeists and kayakers mill around itching to hop in the Don... Read More

Edward Burtynsky’s Oil

Edward Burtynsky is a well known photographer of the built landscape. In his exhibition, Oil, which opened April 9th and runs until... Read More

Toronto Urban Bees

The Toronto Beekeepers Cooperative is abuzz with excitement with their recent win at the Green Toronto’s Environmental Awards of... Read More

Tapping Norway Maples in Toronto

Walking towards Dufferin Grove Park on a chilly Sunday in March I could smell camp fire smoke and hear the sounds of kids laughing... Read More

Green Roofs Toronto

There is no doubt that buildings make the streetscape of a city. Buildings hold infinite potential. They can create a welcoming space... Read More