The Archer

Henry Moore’s Three Way Piece Number Two: Archer, better known simply as The Archer, is one of Toronto’s best known pieces... Read More

Entertainment District’s Master Plan

This morning, the Toronto Entertainment District BIA unveiled their “Master Plan” to redevelop much of the downtown core. From... Read More


This statue stands outside the Kelly Library at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. It was unveiled on June 6th... Read More

Dreamwork of the Whales

This magnificent piece of art is located in Little Norway Park and has an extraordinary story behind it’s creation. In... Read More

Universal Love Machine

This piece of public art is a bit of a mystery. It does not have a plaque displaying the name of the artist or title, which makes its... Read More

Nurture Nature

This is another piece of art located at the University of Toronto that’s easy to miss.  “Nurture Nature” by Joe... Read More

Katyn Monument

  “Katyn Monument” by artist Tadeusz Janowski is located on the west side of town where King Street West becomes... Read More

Al Purdy Memorial

The “Alfred Purdy Memorial” was created by Edwin and Veronica Dam de Nogales, and is located at the North-East corner of... Read More

Parkdale Bike Rack Sculptures

The first time I saw Parkdale’s new bike posts, or “bike rack sculptures” according to their creators, I immediately... Read More

Businessman on a Horse

The University of Toronto boasts a large collection of public art and “Businessman on a Horse” by William McElcheran might... Read More