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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

SPACING: spring-summer 2009: Grey Spaces

Just like the tulips popping up out of the ground, spring is also bringing you a new issue of Spacing. Our newest edition focuses on the grey spaces of the city — not the physical and literal grey spaces, but places like libraries, airports, bars, community centres, and shopping malls. These locations are generally accessible by the public, but each have a variety of rules to follow — societal or even legal — once you enter. Our contributors examine these intricacies and reveal the multiple sides of public life in Toronto.

• GO UNDERGROUND: Untangling the PATH is one of Toronto’s greatest challenges
• POWER SHORTAGE: Flemingdon community loses control of hydro field space
• ACCESSING THE INACCESSIBLE: Why aren’t schools better utilized by residents?
• THIS AIN’T A LIBRARY: How book and music stores become cultural hubs
• HANG DRY: A photo essay of local laundromats
• MODERN AMBITIONS: How the CNE grounds avoided demolition in the 1970s
• A HOLY BLUR: The fuzzy ownership questions surrounding our places of worship

cover photo by Sam Javanrouh