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Pocket plants in Halifax

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HALIFAX – Pocket plants seem to be taking Canadian cities by storm.  When I first blogged about (poster) pocket plants in Toronto, rumour had it that something similar had also been spotted in Halifax.  Well, the rumours are true: they can be found on North Street just west of Windsor.

While they might not be quite as attention-grabbing as their Toronto counterparts, these wire-meshed pocket plants seem far more likely to attain some longevity by making it through the winter.  Each pocket holds far more soil and a hardier plant seems to be growing rather than the flowers planted in Toronto.  They are also attached to a wooden pole—rather than the metal pole used in Toronto—making them far better suited to weathering Halifax’s wet climate than cut-out posters would have been.

I wonder who designed/planted them?

photo by Jake Schabas



  1. Not quite as ‘stick it to the man’ as the plant pockets crafted from ads and flyers in Toronto. But a much more sustainable design for sure. What’d be great would be some shared herbs… you never know when you or a neighbour needs a sprig of mint or a dash of dill.

  2. I’ve spotted some more of these on Charles St. near Agricola. Neat stuff. I wonder if the folks who tend the community gardens all around the city are behind these…