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  1. Excellent article. Downtown Dartmouth is drowning in potential, it has the bones to be an amazing walkable community within an easy ferry commute of downtown Halifax…. and yet it struggles. So frustrating.

  2. couldn’t agree with this article any more…….the halifax peninsula will only hold so many people and the physical barrier of the harbour is not as large as a physical barrier of trying to put 1 million people in the downtown core of halifax Kings warf will truely be the first test to see what direction HRM will be headed in the decades to come

  3. I’m a long time Spacing*Toronto reader and am happy to see A) see that there is a Spacing Atlantic and B) read such a well written article. I couldn’t agree more. Although it has been a long time since I’ve ventured home I have always felt the “Darkside” has a lot of light and promise. I can’t wait to see what municipal changes come about in 2010-2011 and where gentrification will take this gem of a city.

  4. Yes! I have been saying for ten years that Downtown Dartmouth is just bursting with potential. Change has been slow. What can I do to help this process? Street party anyone?

  5. Thanks Jason. A great article on an important topic. Too often the revitalization of downtown Dartmouth is overlooked in discussions around urban planning in the HRM. Thanks for pointing out that the harbour should be a transportation hub, not a barrier. Time to tear down those political and psychological barriers you so accurately identify, and see that no plan for a vibrant Halifax is complete without a revitalized Dartmouth.

  6. Oh, and I’d totally be up for a street party.