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  1. Actually, St. Johns is really the only major Atlantic Canadian city to have these brightly coloured row-houses. Chalk it up to the typical Torontonian ignorance of anything east of Ottawa I guess.

  2. I appreciate your concern with lumping all of Atlantic Canada together, but as a long-time Halifax dweller and admirer of the colourful housing that flanks my day-to-day traversing of the city streets, I’d just like to point out that this is certainly an architectural phenomenon shared by some, although not all, East Coast cities. Check out this earlier post for an example of similar row housing in Halifax:
    And just to add, Spacing Atlantic aims to foster a dialogue among East Coast cities, not create simplistic subsuming assumptions (or “typical Torontonian ignorance”).

  3. Ugh. Already with the Toronto bashing?

    Since I know the people involved in this I’m confident to state that the blog is written exclusively by people in the east coast, not from a desk in Toronto. Before the bashing starts get the facts right.

  4. Pardon my ignorance but I stumbled upon this site and all I saw was a blog from a magazine based in Toronto attempting to break into the Atlantic market. Basically, it was 98% Halifax content (typical of such sites) and a few pictures and links regarding other municipalities as an attempt to make up for it.

    As a well traveled Maritimer I am aware that such row houses do exist in other places than St. Johns, but nowhere near as prevalent (you really need to look for them other places).

    I am pleased to hear this blog is written by actual Maritimers, and I apologize for my quick assumptions.