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Events Guide: Planning for the Future with an ICSP

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CHARLOTTETOWN – When the federal government introduced the Intergrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) as a requirement to access the Gas Tax Fund (GTF) it jump-started the planning departments of countless cities across Canada to examine their long-term development plans.  Of course, the ICSP process is not meant to be an economic stimulus package, but a comprehensive framework outlining the social, economic, environmental and cultural sustainability of the community.  This planning process is intended to give citizen and government stakeholders a common vision for the future, a veritable litmus test for future plans and development.

Charlottetown kicked off the ICSP development process in September with a brain-storming session followed by 4 days of more concrete planning in October.  Now Stantec, the engineering firm handling the facilitation of this process, and the city of Charlottetown want to share what has been developed and ask for your input.  While the initial stakeholders, which includes public officials and private citizens, have had their say on the future of the city, it is time for the greater body of citizens to ensure that this plan meets their expectation and vision for this great city.  It is a unique opportunity to define the vision of a capital city which will help set the tone and tenor of the entire province, forging partnerships with the many innovative communities across the Island.

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the initial brainstorming sessions as well as to review the outcomes being presented to the public on Thursday and, while I like what I see in the draft framework, I am eager for greater participation among those without a link to a political body, local, provincial or federal.  As was noted by many who participated in the process to date, the turn-out was often dominated by the STP — Same Ten Politicians.  This is an opportunity to be engaged citizens and take our rightful place among the stakeholders of our city!

Who:    Everyone welcome!
What:    A review of the ICSP to be adopted by city council
Where:  Rodd Charlottetown
When:    Thursday, November 12th, 7-9PM

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  1. I hope to see a good crowd of interested and interesting people there tonight. I will be a bit late (or leaving a bit early) as I have another event to attend at the same time.